Workplace Accident Procedures

Workplace Accident Procedures

Did you know that the origins of Worker's Compensation can be dated back to approximately 2050 B.C.? Ancient States of UR, Ancient Rome, Greece, China and others had laws providing for workers injured during the performance of their work duties.
At Bear Staffing, we not only maintain worker's compensation insurance as mandated by state and federal laws, we actively participate in the rehabilitation of our injured workers. This page is designed to educate you as to the proper use of worker's compensation, provide some of the necessary forms and procedures required during the process and better acquaint you with our proactive approach to the rehabilitation process.

Injury Reporting Procedure

The reporting procedure is outlined in the document Workplace Accident Procedures. As a client of Bear Staffing you should have information of the clinics we use that are close to your facility. If you do not or cannot find them, please contact Gary Johnson at or 856-597-5027to obtain that information. Here are the forms you will need:

All Bear Staffing Employees must sign that they have received a copy of Bear's Temporary Employee Handbook. In Section 3.2 there are complete instructions for the employee to follow when reporting a claim.

Submitting a Claim

Once we have received the injury report, we will submit a claim to our Worker's Compensation Insurance Carrier. That adjuster will then contact the injured worker to obtain necessary information and will continue to track the process. Medical Case workers will also be used as is deemed necessary to review the progress and the treatment.

Who Pays

If you are injured on the job, you need only to report your injury to Bear Staffing to have your medical expenses covered. Different states have different rules but most states will require you to be seen by a doctor of our choice, not your family physician except for emergency situations. IN ANY CASE OF EMERGENCY CALL 911 OR GO TO THE NEAREST EMERGENCY ROOM TO SEEK TREATMENT. If you have been truly injured on the job, this expense is covered by worker's compensation insurance provided by Bear Staffing if you are an employee of Bear. YOU MUST REPORT ALL INJURIES TO BEAR STAFFING AS SOON AS YOU ARE ABLE. The number to report your injury is 856-579-5027.

Fraudulent Claims

If one of our workers is injured, Bear will go to great lengths to make sure that person is well cared for and rehabilitated, however, we if we suspect any element of fraud surrounding any submitted claim we will aggressively use all lawful means to ensure prosecution. IF YOU HURT YOURSELF OFF THE JOB AND THEN CLAIM THAT IT HAPPENED AT WORK, OR IF YOU ENGAGE IN ANY OTHER FRAUDULENT ACTIVITY, BEAR STAFFING WILL INVESTIGATE FULLY AND PROSECUTE OFFENDERS TO THE FULLEST EXTENT OF THE LAW.

Work Comp Rehabilitation Policy

Bear Staffing is committed to the recovery of our workers who are injured on the job. Many studies have shown that providing light or modified duty is the quickest route to the rehabilitation of injured workers. Job duties that progress, along with the condition of the worker, stimulate rehabilitation and shorten the recovery period. Bear Staffing provides a light/modified duty program for all our workers. Anyone hurt on the job will be assigned to a task that is able to be performed within the restrictions that the treating physician specifies.