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Simple Staffing Solutions, Powerful Results

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JUMP. When was the last time in business you felt like a vendor was waiting to ask "how high" when you said jump. When was the last time you felt like you were the ONLY client that mattered. In a nutshell, that is what Bear Staffing Services is all about. We are a team of specialists in the Talent Supply Chain field waiting to ask "how high" the next time you need someone to jump into action for you. Bear Staffing has rapidly built an excellent reputation for responsiveness, dependability and quality.
At Bear we hire Action Oriented Problem Solvers, not recruiters, customer service or sales staff. Each of our staff AOPS are challenged daily to THINK about how they can not just get the job done, but also how we can improve.

Simple Staffing Solutions, Powerful Results

While many things surrounding Talent Management can be complicated, at Bear we bring an old fashioned blue collar; roll up your sleeves and go to work mentality to Recruiting and Talent Management.
Once we have secured a thorough understanding of what you require from us, we will go to work and produce results that not only meet, but surpass your expectations. When it comes to producing tangible results in a hurry, we can compete with any firm, even the large national chains.

Staffing Solutions You Can Depend On

Founded in 2005 by Gary and Sherri Johnson, Bear Staffing Services, Inc. works tirelessly to not only bring you the best a temporary staffing firm has to offer, but to continually improve our service offering. Our management team invests heavily in keeping on top of the services and trends surrounding the Human Capital Management field.

At Bear, we go to great lengths to make sure we get it right the first time. Our Staffing Specialists are trained to look at all aspects of the placement. Geography, Skills, Personality Traits, Previous Experience are all carefully considered before we either place or submit a candidate for consideration.


With industry experience dating back to 1988, our management team has extensive experience providing services to firms of all types. From large companies like Nestle, Harley Davidson and Penske, to a sole practitioner or small shop, our management team has been involved in service delivery to thousands of companies. Bear Staffing is also a Diversity Business. You can trust this experience to produce results for you no matter the size of your facility.


We service the following States. Delaware, Kansas, Maryland, Michigan, Missouri, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin , but because we operate a branchless environment, we can staff positions in our area of expertise anywhere in the 50 United States. Our unique ability to parachute in and create productive applicant flow and activity quickly, makes us a great partner for ramp-up or expansion operations. Because we operate a central hub and spoke environment that is highly process driven and paperless, we are able to manage large numbers of recruits quickly and accurately.