Onboarding Solutions

Paperless Onboarding Solutions

Perhaps like you, we at Bear have a specific application and onboarding process. It includes a variety of tax forms, acknowledgments, consent forms etc. Some of these forms are recommended by our legal department and some by risk management and still others by our insurance carriers.
Since 2007, we looked for the proper resource to take our 20 page application and onboarding process and make it paperless. In 2010, with the help of one of our partners, we introduced BEARONBOARD. Bearonboard took OUR APPLICATION AND ONBOARDING process and gave us the capability of using all of our unique forms and converting them to a paperless process. Our applicants simply login with a user name and password and all forms are populated with Name, Address, SS number and other personal information, and then apply an electronic signature to all forms. Then the forms are created in their original form including the applicants signature and automatically electronically transferred to the employees record in our database. These forms are then available to printed or emailed individually or as a group at any time. Included in this process is and AUTOMATIC REFERENCE CHECK FEATURE. By entering the email address of a former employer, or reference, an email evaluation is sent to the reference automatically. The response is also electronic and takes only a couple of minutes for the former employer to complete.
Sound complicated? Sound Expensive? Neither would be true. Bear, through our partnership with GAMI, LLC can do the same for you.
This application has saved us literally hundreds of man hours AND, has drastically reduced our margin for error in processing applicants and employees. We can make this same technology work for you at only a fraction of that number forming in your head. Call us now at 866-580-BEAR, ext. 102 for a no cost on-site consultation.