Candidate Assessment

Candidate Assessment Tools

Imagine... if you had access to a tool that would enable you to eliminate much of the subjectivity inherent in the hiring process. A tool that would help you reduce resume overload, time to hire, cost to hire and turnover, increase the likelihood of employee success, identify training needs and help in succession planning. This tool would also help you identify the qualities of your top performers so you can hire against that model by assessing each promising applicants real potential to succeed in your company.
Bear Staffing Services has partnered with eCoachPro to bring you this solution! We’ll help you:
  • Stop Resume Overload.
  • Target Candidates that Match your Top Performers.
  • Reduce Cost & Time To Hire.
We are allowing our clients to buy these services at our cost – so there’s no excuse! Contact Us today at
866-580-BEAR for more information.