Payroll Services

A storm approaches...

You have a project. You know the right person for the project. You have several options. You can bring the person on as an employee for the designated period of time. Of course then you are liable for all payroll taxes, work comp, and for termination procedures and administration once the project is finished. Not to mention liability issues with hiring and termination.
You can bring the person on as an independent contractor. BE CAREFUL. Did you know that many companies are facing huge liability issues if the person does not "fit" the independent contractor definition. Did you also know that just because the person has a company and you pay them as an entity, that still may not qualify for independent contractor status under the law. Did you also know that the government is pouring money and manpower into beefing up it's enforcement of companies misuse of the independent contractor status. Did you further know that if audited and found not in compliance, your company could be liable for back payroll taxes, and overtime wages if they apply. Did you know that in the construction industry it is actually a crime to classify employees as independent contractors?

Let us be your shelter from the storm
Bear Staffing can serve as your Payroll Services Provider. In this role, your company will rely on Bear Staffing to become a single-source provider by having us become the employer of record. This makes us responsible for, Payroll, Benefits and Workers Compensation needs. We also then become responsible for all the administrative issues that surround the termination of an employee once the project has finished and we may have further work for the individual. All bear temporary associates whether recruited by Bear or for Payroll Service are w-2 employees so there is no concern with regard to the independent contractor regulations.
Did you also know that typical rates for payroll services run in the 25-35% mark up range? In many cases this is less than what you can employ the person for yourself. Because we are in the business of people starting and stopping assignments it may be much easier for us to manage this type of arrangement and much more cost effective as well.
So, don't get caught in the storm. We would be happy to talk to you further about payroll services.