A Diversity Supplier For Staffing Services

Finally… A Diversity Supplier For Staffing who "Gets It"

You know the benefits of working with diversity suppliers and businesses.
  • The tax incentives.
  • The ability to maintain valuable government contracts.
  • Business relationships that improve your bottom line.
  • The competitive advantage that comes with supporting the fast-growing and increasingly influential community of minority-owned businesses.
  • An enhanced public image.
Finally, a leader has emerged as a top diversity supplier for staffing. That leader is Bear Staffing.
Not only are we a diversity-certified supplier, but Bear Staffing has been named a Top Diversity Business by DiversityBusiness.com in 2010 and 2011 and One of the Mid Atlantic's 10 Most Dependable Staffing firms by an independent research company (Goldline Research), so you can feel confident that our customized staffing solutions are reliable, accountable and efficient. When you combine the level of staffing services that we provide with our recognition as a diversity supplier, the decision to work with Bear Staffing is an easy one.
If you are an MSP seeking a partner vendor or are seeking a direct relationship, Bear is an outstanding choice. Our expertise in working with VMS systems and the complex MSP, partner vendor, client relationship is unparalleled. We have outperformed some of the biggest names in staffing head to head when it comes to providing large numbers of quality people quickly.
Contact us to learn more about the advantages of working with Bear Staffing, a diversity-certified supplier for staffing.