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The Work experience section defines your professional experience and employment history. Click here for tips on how to fill out the section
  • This is the most important section of your resume! Enter all information carefully.
  • List your work experience in chronological order, starting with the present or most recent job first.
  • If you have held multiple positions with one employer, list dates for each position so the reader of your resume can see your progress within the company.
Please list ALL work experience or at least 10 years minimum experience.
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  • It is important to tell the hiring party what skills you used at each job. Skills can be tangible things like "Assembly, Welding, Soldering, Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, A+ Certification etc."
  • Or skills can be intangible things like "Effective Leadership, Sales, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Payroll, Help Desk, Repair Technician". Please list tangible skills first followed by intangible skills . Please list all skills used at each employer and separate each with a comma.
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Tips for Adding Skills
eg : skill1,skill2,skill3..
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The Work Experience Description section defines the details of each position you have held. Click here for tips on how to fill out the section
  • Emphasize specific skills and responsibilities required by each position/job. Be specific.
  • Describe your actions, challenges and accomplishments.
  • If there are any accomplishments you achieved that improved the bottom line, streamlined processes, etc…please make sure to highlight this.
  • Leave out insignificant details – focus on highlighting your qualifications for the job.
  • Begin each statement with an action-oriented verb, for example: performed, regulated, fabricated, implemented, designed, or developed.
Description * :
The Education section defines any degrees or certificate programs you may have achieved/completed. Click here for tips on how to fill out the section
  • Include any certificate programs or specialized training that support your job candidacy.
  • List the highest or most recent educational achievements and/or certifications first.
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The Education Description section defines the details of your education. Click here for tips on how to fill out the section
  • List any general coursework, certification programs or degrees you obtained from high school through college.
Description * : Add Additional Education
The Skill section defines any skill sets you obtained that may be applicable for your next employer.Click here for tips on how to fill out this section
  • Highlight any skill you are proficient in that may be applicable to your next employer or make you stand out as a strong candidate.
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The Award section defines any awards or achievements you have earned throughout your career.Click here for tips on how to fill out this section
  • Awards & achievements are important to highlight for a potential employer. Examples may be “Manufactured the most widgets in one year” or “Employee of the Month”
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