Case Study

CASE STUDY #1 : Staffing Numbers Reached by Engagement of Bear Staffing

Client : A large manufacturing company in a secondary Pennsylvania market was implementing a new process.
Job : Fill Eighty (80) temporary employment positions with qualified candidates that possessed the right skill set.
Background : There had been three industrial staffing firms selected to provide the high number of workers required. The firm had not used temporary staffing in these types of positions before.
The Issue : The use of temporary workers was paramount to the success of this new process. After several months, the company was not getting enough QUALIFIED workers who had the required skills to perform the task at hand.
The Process : Applicants who could pass a physical exam as well as a written test consisting of math, reasoning and mechanical testing, did not have any disqualifying criminal offenses and could provide references that could be reached were only considered.
Our Approach : In the “Strategize, Segment and Swarm” process, we first analyze the needs & requirements. Then our team meets to decide what activities will create the applicant flow needed to produce the necessary results. Once the process has been defined, it is broken down into segments and assigned to different Bear Staffing team members. Many of these segments are performed by people in our other offices with a “ground lieutenant” coordinating the efforts. This segmented but coordinated approach is then able to produce a swarm of applicants quickly.
Results : Within 6 months, Bear had become the largest supplier. Two years later, the client was quoted as saying they received more people, better response and higher quality personnel than they received from the other suppliers.