“Quality of work and friendliness is why I use Bear Staffing. Martha is very organized and easy to work with. My experiences with her have been nothing short of exceptional.

Having a partner like Martha Willis at Bear is a tremendous asset to Almo. Martha has been a strong partner in staffing for over 5yrs. Martha adds a personal touch to her job by following up and assuring that the position is filled timely and accurately.”

Thank you for your dedication,

Daniel P.

“Hello Bear Staffing, For the past few years I have narrowed down my IT path to 3 different categories. Desktop Engineer, Cyber Security and the Cisco Track. Working for Bear Staffing has helped me realize which areas to pin point. I enjoy warehouse work because it’s what I did in the Army at Ft. Bragg. I loved the physical labor and the challenges that came along. I then learned that with in the warehouse operations there are IT positions that involve a little bit of everything. I plan on staying within this category. Currently I am studying my study of Cisco Security Certification and will continue to do so. Also I plan on taking the Cyber Security Analyst through CompTIA sometime this year. I have learned recently that NMCI will soon absorb the network infrastructure over seas. I would to stay here to take on the challenge and apply the skills I have learned with an easier transition. Thank you Bear Staffing for exposing me to this opportunity.”

“You were very responsive and made sure we had what we were looking for. I liked that you went out of your way to make things happen. Your communication was also very good.”
Regards, George P.
Branch Operations Leader

To Bear Staffing,

For a while I have been trying  to find my nitch in the corporate world after 10 years of service in the military. I have worked for Staples and a contractor at the Baptist Hospital. I can safely say that Bear Staffing has exceed my expectations. The crew I work with are almost all veterans and constantly going to different military installations is fun. This is a place where I feel safe and am surrounded by individuals who uderstand the concept of team work. For those who don’t know, trying to find a team that works cohesively together is something that is not found very easily in corporate America. So thank you and I look forward to furthering a career with Bear Staffing.

Sincerely, Daryn E.

We engaged Bear Staffing in 2010 in Central Pennsylvania at a large manufacturing client implementing a flexible workforce. I was initially concerned that their closest office was over 100 miles away, but they quickly were able to produce more applicants than most of the local agencies we were using.

With this client, the process repeats every year as the positions are long term seasonal. We have since engaged Bear in three other geographical regions. In each instance, Bear is one of our top performers producing 50-100 employees in each location every year and are consistently either at, or near the top, in numbers of quality applicants recruited.
We have since engaged Bear Staffing in other clients with the same results.

If you are considering Bear Staffing for your temporary manufacturing staffing needs, I highly recommend them for the task. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about our engagements with Gary Johnson and Bear Staffing.

We decided to use Bear Staffing because of their sales pitch and what they had to offer. We were impressed with the history of their company, their due diligence in filling orders, and the quality of people in their database.

We have been using Bear Staffing for the last four weeks and have been very pleased so far. They are easy to get in contact with, eager to accommodate us in our requests, and they react in a timely manner. I have dealt with a lot of big box staffing companies in the past and, as of now, they have exceeded my expectations.

I would encourage others to definitely give Bear Staffing a try. Their sales pitch is gospel, and they follow through on their commitments and promises.

Bear Staffing was the staffing firm in place here when I started as the HR Manager at my company. I have about 20 years of experience with temp agencies, so I thought that I would give Bear Staffing a chance and, if it did not work out, I would use another company. I have continued to work with them for the last two years because I get an immediate response and answers when I call, even after hours. They are available at 10 p.m. if I need to talk to them.

Everything has worked out better than I expected with the candidates they have found for us because, in the area that we are in, it is difficult to find good people who are actually going to show up every day. The quality of the candidates that Bear Staffing sends us — about 20 to 30 people a week — is better than other national staffing agencies I have used. They seem to have a better screening process. Both Gary and Sherry of Bear Staffing are dedicated and they understand what it takes to run a business, specifically what we need at a manufacturing facility.

Things are going well – your staff has managed to bring Bear Staffing to the top of my vendor list, your performance far supersedes that of our next competitor [big box staffing agency 1] and the team has placed quality workers consistently. In fact, I have removed [big box staffing agency 2] and [big box staffing agency 3] from our service roster effective yesterday as they were lagging and quite frankly, I don’t need them.