4 Warehouse Positions Warehouse Staffing Agencies Can Fill

June 26th, 2018
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Your business is growing, and you need more people for your warehouse. Unfortunately, you're having trouble attracting good workers. Here's how warehouse staffing agencies can help fill the different types of warehouse positions.

If you're trying to run a warehouse, you've got a lot of moving parts to consider. Literally.

The last thing you have time to worry about is finding the right employees--you just need an employee to fill the warehouse job, now.

This is where a staffing agency can help you. Here are four warehouse positions a staffing agency can fill for you.

1. Shipping and Receiving Associate

A shipping and receiving associate is in the middle of the action.

They're the person responsible for processing shipments as they come in and out of your warehouse. So, essentially, they're the person you count on to make sure your warehouse operates without a hitch.

Literally--they count orders, unpack shipments, conduct quality inspections, and spotting repairs needed to equipment.

Depending on your inventory system, they may need a basic faculty with computers to process orders, but again, that depends on your warehouse.

Aside from processing orders, one of the most important jobs of the shipping and receiving associate is spotting damage--to goods, to tools, to equipment, and reporting it to management immediately.

This will ensure that your warehouse sends out quality products and that none of your employees get hurt on the job.

2. Warehouse Clerk

The warehouse clerk could appropriately be called the public face of the operation.

They're the person your customers will interact with, so you want someone with customer service chops to please even the most difficult client.

The warehouse clerk uses the information the customer provides to them to determine what products your warehouse needs to fulfill their order. As such, they're involved in most parts of the order--preparing orders, assisting in order fulfillment, and processing returns, for example.

Because of this, you need a warehouse clerk that's efficient and has a phenomenal attention to detail.

3. Loader

After the shipping and receiving associate handles the orders and a forklift driver takes it where it needs to go, you need a loader to take it from there.

The loader is responsible for more than just moving products around--they organize everything that comes into the warehouse to maximize your use of space.

Their good judgment and assessment of the space you have will allow your warehouse to transport orders with maximum efficiency. As such, the loader should have good endurance, because they'll spend all day in motion, getting products in and out of your loading docks.

4. Skilled Factory Workers

Finally, no warehouse can operate well without skilled factory workers. Coincidentally, these are also the most difficult positions to fill.

Skilled factory workers work on a schedule similar to general factory workers, but they get paid more because they know how to do tasks that general workers don't. This also means they require more training than your typical worker, but it pays off in the long run.

Common examples of workers in this category are engineers and machine operators.

Need to Fill Warehouse Positions?

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