5 Benefits of Partnering with a Manufacturing Staffing Agency

September 21st, 2020
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 Manufacturing companies have two primary options when it comes to staffing. They can choose to hire internally or reach out to a staffing agency.


Given the industry's fast-paced nature, companies performing all facets of hiring (and firing) might not make sense.


Fortunately, top-of-line manufacturing staffing agencies streamline the process. Better yet, there’s an array of other benefits associated with outsourcing hiring—several of which will be discussed below in this blog.


Decrease Time Spent on Training


Which of these options sounds better?


a. Bringing employees on board who are already well-equipped to perform their duties and fit into their role.




b. Hiring new staff that needs hours upon hours of training (who might not end up being suitable for the manufacturing company in question).


It’s not a massive stretch to assume the answer is ‘a.’


Time is money. Even if it takes 2 to 4 weeks to train staff, that's a lot of pay explicitly dedicated to learning and not contributing directly to the business's functionality.


Whereas staffing agencies have access to talented workers with highly specific attributes that line up with a given manufacturing company’s needs. These talent outsourcing companies vet, screen, and interview candidates using questions focused directly on the industry.


Not only do these services reduce the time spent on training—but it'll minimize costly turnover rates.


Access to Top Talent


Staffing outsourcing companies are a lot like marketing agencies.


Working with a marketing agency means a company now has access to lucrative ad space that they otherwise wouldn’t. Similarly, staffing companies are connected to the most viable, skilled talent in the manufacturing space.


When manufacturers are left to their own devices, suddenly the talent pool shrinks. After all, they’re focused on all other facets of the business—taking away from the distinct focus required for successful staffing.


The Value of Hiring on an As-Needed Basis


There are ebbs and flows in the manufacturing industry. During busier times, more staff is needed. When it’s slowed down, those extra employees can be a drain on a business’s bottom line. On top of that, sometimes a vacationing permanent worker must be replaced only for the short time they’re gone.


With staffing agencies, manufacturers can hire a temporary workforce on an as-needed basis.


Furthermore, there's no need to worry that the brief employment period means the temporary staff is uncommitted. Agencies ensure that only skilled individuals get hired so that there are no blips in production and efficiency.


Outsourcing is More Affordable


According to Payscale, the average HR manager makes $61,000 per year—which is needed for successful internal hiring.


Conversely, staffing agencies only charge between 20% and 30% of a new hire's first-year salary, on average. Frequently, this is a flat fee, and the hiring company takes care of everything once a partnership is formed.


Keeping Leadership Focused on the Nuts and Bolts


Hiring people can cause enough of a distraction to take management’s eyes off the prize. On the other end of the spectrum, the emotional toll of firing or laying off employees is almost a sure-fire way to deter focus.


Fortunately, staffing agencies offer turnkey, comprehensive services when it comes to employees. Of course, they perform all the time-consuming tasks already discussed about hiring. However, they'll take on the burden of firing as well. Meaning leadership can direct the entirety of their efforts toward streamlined productivity.


The Proof is the Results


All the blogs in the world can shout to the skies about the value of manufacturing staffing agencies.


However, manufacturing companies are run by people who believe strongly in due diligence. Before making any decisions, discuss staffing agencies with industry peers who’ve partnered with them. The chances are, they’ll tell a similar story to what’s been written here.

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