5 Essential Warehouse Skills Warehouse Staffing Agencies Look For

June 19th, 2018
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Are you thinking of working with a warehouse staffing agency?

Perhaps, you're not confident they can find workers that fit your specific warehouse needs. To give you an idea how a staffing agency can help, here are 5 warehouse skills an experienced staffing agency looks for when they check resumes.

Thinking about working with a staffing agency?

Wondering how to find the best warehouse workers for the job?

Staffing agencies are second to none when it comes to vetting potential warehouse workers and making sure they have the skills required for the job. However, if you're still unsure about whether a staffing agency is up for the task, you may need a little more convincing.

Below we'll give you some insight into exactly what warehouse skills a staffing agency will look for to find the very best workers for your needs.

1. Professionalism

One big thing that staffing agencies will be looking for when evaluating potential warehouse workers is their overall level of professionalism.

An employee who is constantly late or even misses work entirely can drag down your warehouse and can cause a lot of problems. A lazy worker can be a headache to manage.

A staffing agency will look closely at a potential worker's history and behavior. They'll look at key signs of what a worker will bring to the table and if they'll be serious about doing a job well or, on the other hand, if they're likely to exhibit any unprofessional behavior in the warehouse.

2. Physical Fitness and Stamina

Warehouse work can be very difficult on the body so it's important that the people you hire for the job are physically fit and have the ability to work hard doing physical activity for hours at a time.

Staffing agencies can ensure that a worker is capable of performing the job adequately and doing any required actions for the shift.

Whether the warehouse work includes lifting, pulling, or standing on their feet for long periods throughout the day, an agency can find only the workers who are fully ready, willing, and physically able to do the job.

3. Hands-On Technical Abilities

Specialized positions in a warehouse will require specialized knowledge, skills, and experience. Your warehouse may require a worker that is skilled in operating a forklift or other machinery. You may need a worker who is able to perform hands-on tasks that require a heightened amount of attention to detail or spatial awareness.

Whatever specific or advanced skills you need a worker to have, a staffing agency can screen applicants well and ensure that they have the skills you're looking for.

4. Pride in Their Job

A great warehouse worker will be goal-oriented and will take pride in their work. They'll be a hard worker and will always try to put their best foot forward in everything that they do.

When looking for new staff it's important to find out if they'll be a go-getter. They should not only take their personal success seriously but also the success of the entire warehouse.

Great workers will be aware of what they can offer your warehouse and will be happy when they can help it become more efficient.

5. Teamwork and Communication Skills

Last but not least, great teamwork skills and communication skills are vitally important. A warehouse worker needs to be able to function well as part of a cohesive team. They need to be able to communicate well with other workers when it comes to completing tasks and getting things done.

They should also be easy to work with and have great interpersonal communication skills. A worker should be able to cooperate and get along with other team members and avoid unnecessary personal conflicts.

A staffing agency can evaluate a candidate thoroughly. They'll be able to quickly get an accurate impression of a worker's communication and teamwork capabilities.

Finding Workers With These Warehouse Skills

The above warehouse skills are very important to look for in workers. By choosing workers who have these skills you'll increase the efficiency of your warehouse and create a strong team that can get their jobs done effortlessly.

Ready to find the best workers for your warehouse? We can help. Contact us today to learn more about what Bear Staffing can do for you.