9 Reasons Why You Should Rely on Job Placement Services for Hiring

May 29th, 2018
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There were 6 million open jobs in the U.S as of April 2017.

And 6.8 million unemployed people looking for jobs.

Those numbers sound strange, don't they? But it can take a long time to help someone find the right job for them. And even longer to get them hired on. This is where job placement services come in.

With staffing agencies and firms you can find the talent you need at faster rates than other options. Not convinced? Read on for 9 reasons you should use them.

Job Market Knowledge

Job placement services have extensive knowledge of what the job market currently looks like. This is important because they will be able to offer the position you are looking to hire for in a way that looks attractive to potential employees.

They will know what the market is like for the specific position you are hiring for. Employment firms will be able to find a qualified individual to meet your needs after having done their research.

Big Network

These staffing agencies often have networks set up already to help them find qualified candidates. Whether it be through universities or their established relationships with candidates they will have the connections to find who you are looking for.

These networks can help you save time that would be used in searching for these individuals. Instead of sifting through applications of unqualified candidates you'll be given the experienced ones right away. Many agencies specialize in industries related to engineering or accounting.

The Follow-Up

Another way that these job placement services save your time is the follow up with these candidates. It can take a lot of resources to recruit candidates through your own means. All the while, the work that you need to get done is sitting on a desk somewhere.

The staffing agencies will take over the recruiting, interviewing, and background checks necessary to get you a qualified candidate. This will save you time to work on the projects that need to get done while your staff is short.

Fast-Paced Hires

Often times the projects that you need to get done are of high importance. Or you wouldn't be searching so diligently for someone to take them over. The great thing about using temp agencies is that they will find professionals who are able to jump right in.

It can be frustrating to train a new hire when your projects are time sensitive. These agencies can find professionals with the right skills to complete the tasks you need.

Job Placement Services Guarantee

Many job placement services will also give you a guarantee that the person they refer to you is up to your standards. Some agencies will either offer to refund you the amount charged for their services or find you a replacement for free.

This is something that you wouldn't get when recruiting on your own. And it would ensure that the money and time you spend is worth it.

Quality Over Quantity

Even if you want to hire the last few candidates before choosing one for your company you still save time in the long run. Your own time! These staffing agencies will provide quality over quantity when it comes to interviews.

You'll be confident that those entering your company to hire are experienced and professional. And they would already have gone through the agencies process before meeting you.

Versatile Hires

Need someone to come in while another is on maternity leave? Have a little more work than you usually do? That's perfectly fine!

Job placement services can account for this and find you a professional who is ready for the job. Whether it be long-term employment or just a temporary professional, the agencies will find someone who fits your needs.

Spend Less, Gain More

That's right. Save money. Recruiting can sometimes take months to do. Hiring staffing agencies can be cost-effective in the money you will save by getting a professional hired fast.

Get More Work Done!

Employment firms will be able to hire someone you won't have to train. And they'll get them through your doors fast. As a result, the projects that you're worried about will get done just as fast.

And if you just need an employee to help pick up the extra tasks without overloading your current employees we can do that too!

Contact Us to Get Started

Being short staffed or having a high turnover rate is not ideal. It can get in the way of large projects and greatly affect the bottom line.

Job placement services want to combat that. To help you get the best return on investment. To start staffing your company now contact us.