Affordable Care Act Surprises & More

July 10th, 2013
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Affordable Care Act Surprises & More


Affordable Care Act: Surprises, Astonishments & Disappointments

To refresh your memory, The Affordable Care act ensures all Americans have access to quality, affordable health care (source: Democratic Policy and Communications Center). As we get closer and closer to January 2014 — the time when provisions of the 2010 health-care overhaul law will go in to effect ­— I predict we’ll continue to see additional surprises, astonishments, and disappointments with the bill.

Surprise! Young People Want Coverage

How many young people can you think of who feel illness does not apply to them? I can rattle off a few in my head right now. An article on noted that a survey of 1,505 people conducted by The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation discovered that among people ages 18 to 25:

  • 77% said having health insurance was personally important to them.
  • 76% said it was something they needed.
  • 65% were worried about paying medical bills from an accident or illness.
  • 76% said insurance is worth the cost.

Apparently, young people don’t think they’re made of steel, after all.

Astonishment: Market Premiums Fly Through the Roof

An article published on on May 30, 2013 stated that Obamacare will in fact increase individual-market premiums in California by as much as 146%. This is something here at Bear Staffing that we definitely find astonishing (and are rather disappointed about).

Here’s the scope broken down from Forbes:

  • People who are 25 years of age or older and do not smoke would spend an average cost of $184 per month on insurance they purchase for themselves.
  • ONLY people who are under age 30 can participate in a slightly cheaper health insurance plan.
  • For people ages 40 and older, the average price of health insurance is $261 (non-smoker, on a bronze plan via

For even more information on this and all the complete details, view the article.

Disappointment: Companies Consider Stopping Insurance

As noted in an article by The Wall Street Journal, analysts predict some employers will no longer offer health insurance, as they feel the penalties will be less expensive than actually offering it, as time goes on.

In the article, one of the analysts, Kevin Kuhlman, a manager of legislative affairs at the National Federation of Independent Business said:

“We hear from NFIB members just above the 50 employee threshold that they do plan to discontinue health-insurance coverage or make other personnel decisions to avoid the employer mandate. Some smaller NFIB members are concerned that their offer of coverage to employees will restrict certain employees from accessing generous tax credits and cost-sharing subsidies in the individual exchanges.”

An article by Business Week noted: if workers can get affordable health plans on their own beginning in 2013, many companies feel it’s safe to discontinue offering health insurance following.

We understand how expensive it can be to offer health insurance as an employer. Staffing agencies like Bear Staffing also feel the pain, however, we are still disappointed with the thought of companies heavily weighing to discontinue it. We understand how offering health insurance benefits companies:

  • It helps with hiring and retaining employees.
  • It allows you, the hiring manager, CEO, or other decision maker in your organization to utilize cheaper health insurance.
  • It gives you access to a special tax break.

At Bear Staffing, we give peace of mind to our clients when it comes to health insurance by handling this very time-consuming benefit management process. By offering health insurance through our agency to your workers, we are able to attract the best and most talented employees. In the future? Well, the game has changed not only for corporations but staffing firms as well. Only time will tell.

What has most surprised, astonished, and disappointed you about the Affordable Care thus far? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts.