Applying Six Sigma to Staffing & Recruiting: Bear Staffing Services

December 17th, 2012

Applying Six Sigma to Staffing & Recruiting: Bear Staffing Services


Six Sigma is a widely used business management strategy that identifies and removes the causes of errors while minimizing variability in processes to improve the quality of output. Six Sigma has been particularly effective in manufacturing.

While the Six Sigma approach creates a stable, streamlined process and eliminates mistakes in business operations, it can also be applied to staffing and recruitment strategies.

Bear Staffing has developed and implemented Strategize-Segment-Swarm, a unique, inverted model recruitment process inspired by Six Sigma, to provide staffing solutions in three key areas: Manufacturing/IndustrialAdministrative Support, and Information Technology.

This process involves:
1) Analyzing data and evaluating employee performance to determine staffing requirements and create a customized recruiting strategy,
2) Assigning specific tasks to team members throughout the recruitment process, and
3) Producing a swarm of qualified candidates, quickly and efficiently.

By applying Six Sigma principles and methodologies to staffing and recruiting, Bear Staffing can:

  • Define and identify quality candidates, while screening out unqualified candidates.
  • Reduce the time required to hire an employee.
  • Reduce your employee turnover rate.
  • Improve orientation and training efficiency.
  • Improve employee satisfaction.
  • Sustain Six Sigma business initiatives that drive performance and produce results.

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