Branching Out in a Branchless Environment

July 21st, 2012
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Branching Out in a Branchless Environment


Bear Staffing has been a trailblazer in the increasingly popular staffing industry trend of branching out to new markets and industries to better serve our clients. By operating in a “branchless” environment, we have the unique ability to parachute in, anywhere in the United States, and create productive applicant flow quickly. This also keeps our cost of operation low, so that we can continue to offer boutique style staffing at highly competitive rates.

As businesses and industries grow and spread their wings, it’s our job to monitor and follow that growth so we can effectively fill their staffing needs. For example, the manufacturing sector is showing signs of growth, and we’re keeping an eye on where that growth is happening.

Because of our hard target approach and paperless onboarding, Bear is a perfect partner for remote locations as well as more densely populated areas. We have recently opened an office in far northern Wisconsin for a large client. Tomahawk, WI, population 3400 is the site of the newest Bear office. We were chosen for this location because of our relentless recruiting and ability to provide large numbers of QUALIFIED staff quickly.

Right now, Bear Staffing is offering staffing services in:

  • Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania
  • Northern, Central and Southern New Jersey
  • Central and Eastern Pennsylvania
  • Delaware
  • Missouri
  • Kansas
  • Wisconsin
  • Kansas
  • Maryland

It’s important for current and future Bear Staffing clients to understand that when you expand into new markets or find that you’re staffing needs evolve an change, we’ll be there regardless of where or what type of growth your experiencing. Growth and expansion are good things, and we’re ready to do our part to keep it going!