Dumb Moves: Workers Comp Claim Spins Wheel & Loses

July 22nd, 2013

Dumb Moves: Workers Comp Claim Spins Wheel & Loses


dumb-movesWorkers compensation fraud is a huge issue in the United States, especially when people are claiming it and being open about physical activities they are participating in.

Earlier last month, Dan Fastenberg, a reporter for, reported that a postal worker from North Carolina filed that she was hurt on the job and began claiming workers comp. She was then spotted on the hit TV show “The Price is Right” using her upper body strength to spin the big wheel. To top that off, on her Facebook page, she featured photos of herself zip lining. Someone with an acclaimed shoulder injury would not possibly be able to do these things. Ms. Cathy Wrench Cashwell was caught for fraud.

As you may know from reading my July 15 blog post on Ways to Prevent Workers Comp Fraud in Your Business, tens of billions of dollars in false claims and unpaid premiums are stolen every year, and it hurts everyone. Moral of story – while you may be thinking – don’t file for workers comp and post photos of yourself online … I’m thinking – don’t commit workers comp fraud, period. Private investigators have their way of catching fraudsters in the act, and getting caught is not pretty.

Read the full story on the lady who spun the wheel and ultimately loss and stay tuned for more articles on workers comp fraud from Bear Staffing.