Four Tips on Hiring Post-COVID

October 20th, 2020
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The world is a vastly different place than it was only 8 months ago. Common everyday behaviors and functions performed in 2019 that people took for granted are now inaccessible and out of reach.

As a credit to society, people are a resilient sort and have found ways to adapt.

For instance, there’s been a derailment of the hiring process that’s thrown workplaces off-kilter. Despite these murky waters and many obstacles, many companies have found ways to adjust to the “new normal.”

In fact, some would argue that hiring post-COVID for many companies is more streamlined and effective than ever before. After all, when you’re forced to take a long, hard look at these processes, it’s natural to hone and craft them into a more big-picture successful system.

Is your organization struggling to adjust during these uncertain times?

If so, read the 4 suggestions below to learn what industry leaders have been doing to streamline their hiring practices while meeting job seeker's expectations:

1. Leverage Digital Technology to its Fullest

In-person recruitment has almost become extinct during COVID-19. Therefore, significant reliance on digital recruitment approaches has become the norm for hiring teams.

Leaning into a more digital philosophy will prevent companies from relying solely on in-company referrals. Yes, depending on employees and colleagues to put in a good word for candidates has its merits. However, only adhering to such a recruitment method is conducive to a workplace bereft of diversity.

Another way to look at this approach is aligning hiring procedures with the framework and inner workings at the company:

In the COVID-19 landscape, remote work is the rule instead of the exception, so why not perform virtual interviews?

Video conferencing makes your company more accessible to candidates. Most people are concerned about in-person interactions and commuting via public transportation. Employers forcing candidates to visit a physical space aren't conveying a particularly empathetic brand image.

Note that remote interviewing should resemble the traditional approach, applying a formal structure and thoughtful planning. Candidates and interviewers should both be well-prepped for the occasion.

2. Hire for Roles with Wiggle Room

Attracting top tier talent is always something of a compromise.

The candidates in question must commit to delivering results. The employer must commit to providing them the support and compensation that makes it worth their time.

These days, high-performing workers know their worth and won't settle for rigid roles within your organization. Other companies will offer these talented individuals something more flexible, given the need for some wiggle room during COVID.

Beyond COVID-19, when fears of the virus have been quelled, this approach will still have merit. Allowing people to work from home broadens and improves your talent pool. More parents, especially mothers, can now find themselves in leadership positions.

3. Let Your Overarching Business Strategy Guide Recruitment

Consumers have changed the way they're interacting with businesses in all industries. As such, organizations have been forced to change how they earn revenue, source products, operate their supply chains, etc.

There’s something of a pandora’s box effect in all of this. Even when COVID concerns die down, people will notice the immense value in these new ways of doing business.

Thus, the way your organization operates will permanently shift. Start looking for candidates with skillsets to meet those needs.

Here are a few checkbox items for this recruitment philosophy shift to be successful:

· Where do you see your business, commercially, in the next 12 months?

· Decide what skills and strategies will be required to meet those needs.

· Imagine, starting from zero, what your ideal 'A-Team' looks like.

This kind of pivoting has occurred in the retail industry. Buyers are leaning toward online shopping as their primary method. HR and recruitments teams must now decide the balance between how much focus should be on in-store hires versus digitally based roles.

4. Do the Math

COVID has presented some unforeseen advantages, albeit under less-than-ideal circumstances.

Namely, with mass layoffs, you potentially have access to a more diverse talent pool consisting of bright thinkers, hard workers, and innovators.

That doesn’t necessarily mean your organization will automatically make a fruitful hire. That will only happen if the hiring processes are honed, and you’re aware of the gaps that need filling.

In short, do the necessary math. Weigh your current workforce’s strengths against its weaknesses. Account for your internal and external talent pipelines. After performing the required "calculations," you'll see so those gaps mentioned above crystal clear.

Without performing the above legwork, unsuccessful hires are much likelier. When you're trying to find your footing during such uncertain times, these setbacks are far less affordable.

Bear Staffing

With these 4 critical post-COVID hiring tips, you’re that much closer to honing and crafting a valuable recruitment strategy.

One final “bonus tip” is to contact Bear Staffing if you’re struggling to recruit new talent during these difficult times.