How to Enhance Your D&I Strategies with HR Technology

January 13th, 2021

All too often, people like to throw around words that sound like the correct thing to say.

For instance, to sound more attuned to the times, many businesses recklessly bandy about the term "diversity."

Diversity, in particular, is something that requires scrutiny. When related initiatives ring hollow and aren't strictly adhered to, the word tends to lose all meaning. In 2021, companies can’t afford to make this mistake. Society – in its entirety – is more sensitive to these issues than ever before. Consumers, shareholders, and stakeholders won’t look kindly upon organizations sorely lacking in this avenue.

Furthermore, lacking diversity means missing out on differing perspectives, ideas, and kinds of innovative genius.

Therefore, all companies must follow the following diversity and inclusion (D&I) strategies with HR technology to bolster such initiatives:

Leverage the Unbiased Nature of Data

Most people are unconsciously biased in some shape or form. It doesn't come from a place of malice—but everyone tends to stick with what's most familiar. This flaw presents a direct obstacle in front of diversity.

Eliminating those biases requires some assistance that goes beyond one’s own capabilities.

Tech tools promoting inclusion knock down this roadblock with considerable oomph. Diversity and inclusion initiatives won't get sidetracked by the fragility of human emotions. Instead, the data provided by these technologies tell an objective story about candidates. From here, you'll see everything you need to know and make informed hiring decisions.

Diversify Your Job Posting

Language is undeniably powerful – and sometimes that can work against you when you’re aiming to be diverse.

Lacking a proper understanding of what it takes to attract diverse talents could lead to wording with incorrect signals. You'll then proceed to keep filling vacancies with the same faces with similar backgrounds.

Take the terms ‘dominant’ and ‘strong.’ Most people filling out a job post with these words might think they’re targeting leaders. In reality, it’s telling potential candidates you’re interested in masculine qualities, and therefore, men.

Interestingly, the same can be said for words like ‘ninja,’ ‘Rockstar,’ and ‘guru.’

You've got a lot on your plate, though. Putting together pinpoint precise D&I-optimized job posts can seem impossible without help. A tool like Textio is an augmented writing platform that helps you write more inclusive descriptions. It analyzes what’s written before giving suggestions that finetune it to better attract more diverse candidates.

Broaden Your Audience of Candidates

You need more than one ecosystem or network for attracting candidates to improve your recruitment diversity.

Assess whether the vendors you’ve been working with are bringing you the desired results. Consider a change if they aren’t meeting your D&I needs. From there, rely on your Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to cast a wider net and advertise through more websites.

Many ATSs have anti-bias features. Some will even flag when you're making decisions without thinking them over. Some tools ask why you passed on a candidate. By incorporating this technology, you're almost forcing yourself to be more inclusive. It's these efforts that train you to think more diversely so that you make these decisions more consciously in the future.

The Future is in Diversity and Inclusion; Embrace it Now with Technology

As technology gets more intricate and high functioning as the years go by, so will diversity and inclusion initiatives. It only makes sense for these two concepts to intertwine. As they develop, you’ll want to be on the cutting edge of both.

Another way to vastly improve your D&I hiring is by utilizing an exceptional staffing solution. More specifically, Bear Staffing has access to a diverse pool of candidates. Contact us today to find out more.