How to Promote Diversity Throughout Your Company

July 31st, 2020
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We recently covered the many proven benefits (link to July 1 blog once live) of having a diverse workforce. According to research conducted by Deloitte, workplaces that prioritize inclusivity and diversity are twice as likely to meet or exceed financial goals, six times more likely to innovate, six times better at anticipating and responding effectively to change, and they generate 30% more revenue per employee. 

For companies committed to creating their own initiatives, the route to a truly diverse workplace can be unclear.

Below, we’ll share some of the major steps organizations can take to establish an inclusive working culture and staff.

Assess your culture

Every successful diversity initiative begins with taking a look at the state of your organization currently. Evaluate every aspect of your company, whether it’s your hiring processes, job posting wording, website, social media campaigns, community involvement, or leadership teams.

Identify areas in which you could improve processes to make them more accessible or inviting to diverse candidates. To make this process more successful, consider forming a diversity and inclusion committee consisting of as many different voices as possible.

Utilize referrals from employees

After you’ve identified facets of your company that can be improved, it’s time to leverage the networks of your current employees. Create an incentivized referral program among employees to reach a more diverse talent pool.

Expand your traditional recruiting areas

While helpful, you won’t be able to achieve all of your diversity goals based on referrals alone. Look beyond your traditional target areas when recruiting for new talent. Consider involving yourself with local women’s colleges, historically black universities, and other professional groups supporting minorities and begin developing your pipeline with diverse candidates ready to enter the workforce.

Revise your targeted ads

Posting on traditional job boards, even if you revise the language of your job postings and promote equal opportunities, isn’t all you can be doing to reach a diverse audience.

Consider advertising through media that traditionally targets more diverse audiences, whether it’s local radio stations, popular websites, or even certain subreddits on Reddit. Consult with your current minority employees to decide which avenues would be most effective for your specific goals.

Promote your diversity efforts

No matter how much work you do internally, it won’t count for much if no one knows you’re taking serious steps to create opportunities for diverse groups.

Leverage your social media channels and aggressively broadcast the opportunities your organization offers, the welcoming culture you’ve created, and the core values you are living out by doing so.

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