IT Talent Demand Peaking: Coronavirus Increases Cybersecurity Concerns

April 27th, 2020

As we tread deeper into social distancing and shelter in place guidelines each week, the business world is grappling to respond to increased cybersecurity threats. 

With more people working from home and accessing company data remotely than ever before, organizations have made shoring up their defenses a top priority as the risk for cyberattacks rise. End-user attacks are specifically more prevalent during tumultuous times, and these breaches which target employee devices are typically much more difficult to identify and ultimately remedy.

Revitalizing your organization’s cybersecurity awareness and practices internally is crucial to mitigate the risk of any security breach. 

Below, we’ll provide tips on how to do just that. 

Refine your work from home policies

By now, most organizations have transitioned the majority of their staff to working remotely. It’s essential to review and assess your work-from-home protocols and ensure employees are reminded regularly and educated adequately. Make sure everyone knows which tools and software are approved and safe to use, and encourage everyone to follow up if they have any questions.

Remember, just one device from a single employee can potentially compromise the overall system—make sure they have all the resources available to ensure they’re working safely from home.  

Update staff on increased phishing attempts

Cybercriminals are smart. In uncertain times such as these, some employees are increasingly vulnerable to targeted phishing attacks. 

Make sure employees treat their inbox with extra scrutiny for the time being, and train them on common phishing tactics so they’re prepared to identify and avoid them. 

Protect remote devices

With so many organizations operating as remotely as possible, there are more vulnerabilities and points of entry for malicious cyber actors to take advantage of due to such a significant increase of remote access to data and core systems. 

To ensure your employees are working safely, it’s critical that you monitor and protect devices on end-user networks. Be sure to regularly check end-user devices for any signs of compromise, and make sure all security and other software are updated and patched to their latest versions. 

To accomplish all of these vital security measures, you may need additional IT staff to support your business and ensure proper due diligence is being taken to protect your processes.  

Bear Staffing

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