Temporary Staffing Guide: 3 Tips to Help You Choose the Best Temp Company

July 03rd, 2018
temp company highway sign

It's easy to feel overwhelmed when choosing a temp company. There are so many agencies these days, and they all seem to promise the same things. 

Here's how you can find the right temp agency for your temporary staffing needs.

Every week, more than three million temporary employees work for a staffing agency. Yet, every business owner knows it's a challenge to find the best temps. Making the wrong choice could spell doom for the business.

Hiring temporary staff provides a host of benefits. These include saving money on employees, less training time, and filling staff shortages. It closes diversity gaps and gives you qualified workers for short-term projects.

As a bonus, it gives you time to evaluate an employee before hiring. This removes the risk of getting someone who doesn't fit with your values.

Unfortunately, many employers don't get to enjoy these benefits. That's because they don't know how to find the best temp company. Read on to learn the solution.

Tips on Finding the Best Temp Company

Many people ask the question, "How do staffing companies work?" Well, a temporary staffing company hires many workers with different skills. Then, when a client needs an employee, the agency will send them one.

The agency reviews each employee's qualifications and skills. Thus, they'll know the right person to send to a client. The agency will earn money for the work the employee does for the client.

As valuable as this service is, businesses are still struggling to find the best temp company. There are too many options available. Here are three tips to help them choose:

1. Years of Experience

The first clue about a good company is how long they've been in business. Older companies may be larger and may even have a monopoly in staffing.

You'll notice their experience by the quality they bring to your discussions. They'll have a better approach to negotiations and to resolving your staffing needs. 

Plus, you'll discover they have a trail of reviews, which show what kind of reputation they have. Previous client comments will show you whether this agency is worth working with.

2. Expertise in the Industry

Every staffing agency has its specialization area. Some focus on engineering, others on healthcare, and so on. Thus, pick a temporary staffing company specializing in your field. They'll be more likely to have the type of employees you are looking for.

If possible, call companies in your field and ask them if they are familiar with the agency's services. Check the American Staffing Association as well to see if they registered. Membership is a sign of professionalism and adherence to top standards of service.

As a bonus, you'll find the best companies provide extra services. These include background checks, drug testing, and credit score checks. They may also do psychological and aptitude tests.

3. Employee Recruitment Processes

Last, check the quality of the agency's employee recruitment process. What methods do they use to find employees? Do they have strong screening techniques? How much do they pay their employees? How much are they charging you? 

Having this information ensures you are getting top-quality workers. It also ensures you don't overpay for services. Moreover, if employees receive good salaries, it means they'll be in a better disposition to do a good job for you.

Learn More About Staffing and Job Placement

Failing to hire the right temp company can cost you money and affect your reputation. You might also fall victim to government fines or civil lawsuits. Thus, follow the simple tips above and you'll be fine.

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