Temporary Staffing Solutions: 4 Signs It's Time to Look at Temp Agencies

June 12th, 2018
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You've got staffing problems, and your company's HR department just can't hire people fast enough. Is it time to look at temp agencies? Here are 4 signs pointing you in the direction of working with a temporary staffing agency.

During the year, it's common for demand to rise and drop. It's impossible for your HR department to hire and fire people throughout the year.

It's your responsibility to make sure your workforce has the resources to deliver on your company's objectives. If they're short of staff, how can they achieve the monthly targets?

The answer is to look at temp agencies to solve your staffing problems. This way you can boost your workforce when you need to, without needing to hire new people on a permanent basis. By hiring a people from temporary agencies, you save time and money for your company while also delivering.

But identifying when you need to get in touch with temporary employment agencies is not always easy. That's why we've put together this brief guide so that you know when you need to hire temp staff.

1. You Can't Find Qualified Staff

If a skilled and talented member of your workforce leaves the company for parental leave or for a vacation, you could be left with a hole to fill.

It's not easy to replace qualified staff with someone new at a moments notice. You can bide yourself time to look for a replacement by getting in a qualified temporary staff member to fulfill the role.

This way you don't compromise the rest of the company. A temp staff member can pick up the slack and apply experience from other temporary roles to your business projects.

2. Your Staff are Overworked

Every company has times of the year in which demand increases and other times when demand falls. The pressure on your permanent staff to deliver in times of high pressure affect the quality of your output.

By hiring temporary staff, you can allow your top staff members to concentrate on the essential tasks. This way your staff can continue to achieve the company goals without feeling overwhelmed by the workload.

3. Hiring Temp Agencies for Specialist Skills

You might not be able to afford to hire permanent staff members with specialist skills in every area. But you can hire temp agencies that have the skills and knowledge that you need.

Whether it's to maintain your IT systems to help you with your marketing campaign, temp agencies have it all. By hiring temp agencies, you can take advantage of the experience of professionals from outside your company without having to invest in the training and development of the individual.

4. Limited Budget

While it might be ok for the large multinationals to have professional expertise in every area of the business, it's not possible for small and medium-sized businesses.

If you have a role you need to fill, it's expensive hiring a new permanent member of staff. You don't only have to consider the salary. There's also bonuses, pension, and training costs to think about.

This makes temporary staffing agencies much more cost-effective to filling the gaps in your workforce.

Hire Temp Agencies

Whether it's because you're on a limited budget or because you don't have the specialist expertise in your workforce, look out for the signs you need to hire temp agencies.

If you notice any of these signs, it's important to act straight away to fix the problem.

Job placement services want to combat that. To help you get the best return on investment. To start staffing your company now get in touch with us now!