Tips on How to Onboard New Hires Virtually

May 04th, 2020
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It’s likely already been over a month since your office transitioned to working remotely, and still, it seems, we may have several more weeks to go. While some states are already beginning initial steps to reopen, it’s unclear what that may mean regarding timelines for specific offices to open its doors and resume business as usual. Many organizations will still have to make critical hiring decisions while being away from the office and unable to meet candidates in person. 

Hiring during such unusual times can pose some considerable challenges to leadership, so we’ve compiled a few tips on how to ensure the onboarding process goes by as smoothly and comprehensively as possible. 

Modify your training materials 

As soon as possible, review your existing training materials and programs and make sure they are all suited for online delivery. If you have some excellent physical material, you can always ship them to your new hire’s address (and maybe even throw some company swag in as well to help them feel welcome). Anything else should be repurposed to PDF or PowerPoint formats so new employees can get started right away. 

Additionally, make sure any senior team members that are involved in training sessions are equipped and comfortable using a reliable video conferencing tool. Run some mock training sessions in advance if you have time to iron out any issues to ensure real training is smooth and effective.

Communication, communication, communication

Once your virtual training processes are sorted out, make sure you’ve set up as many touchpoints as possible throughout the first few weeks to make sure new hires are progressing through training materials and address any questions. Don’t ignore the traditional benchmarks of the first week, either; introductions to team members, leaders, and other departments, and even virtual welcome lunches should all still be carried through even if it has to be done virtually. 

Because the first few weeks are important to new hires as they get their initial chances to set first impressions and begin building rapport with colleagues, make sure to provide ample opportunities for them to get face time with others in the company, both formal and informal. 

Remind senior leadership of the importance of one-on-one check-ins

Even after the initial onboarding checkpoints, remind managers and other leaders to still schedule one-on-one meetings weekly. Use this time to provide a more private setting to address any concerns, answer questions, and establish a sense of support and trust among new hires as we all navigate these difficult times. 

Social distancing, at times, can act as a repellant against a sense of unity and togetherness, but a little extra effort, time, and creativity can help an atypical onboarding process feel just as welcoming, supportive, and constructive as it needs to be.

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