What it Means to Be Made in America

July 15th, 2013

What it Means to Be Made in America


madeinusaAs a manufacturing company located in the U.S., filling positions in the U.S. vs. overseas is highly beneficial. Yet, finding skilled labor remains a struggle.

According to The Manufacturing Institute: 82% of manufacturers report a moderate or serious shortage in skilled production workers; 75% of manufacturers say the skill shortage has negatively impacted their ability to expand; 600,000 jobs in manufacturing are unfilled today because employers can’t find workers with the right skills.

U.S. manufacturing helps the economy by creating jobs for workers. It also means faster shipping, faster delivery, and faster sales, according to The Rodon Group – an American Manufacturing Company. Other benefits as noted by the Rodon Group include:

  • U.S. manufacturers pay U.S. taxes, which benefits every citizen.
  • American regulations keep safety standards in check. Plus, Americans are held to higher labor standards.
  • Clear communication. U.S. manufacturers are able to provide personalized customer service to customers. In a world where customers can make or break a business, we don’t need to tell you that having good customer service is important. Local manufacturers have the flexibility of providing customers with on-site meetings and service beyond the telephone.
  • With offshore sourcing, there are risks involved such as production disruption risks and quality risks, according to The Virtual Center for Supernetworks.

Upon workers improving their skill set, you’ll be more likely to fill manufacturing positions, according to Forbes. As an American manufacturing investor or owner, you can help them do this by establishing a skills or training program for the next generation of workers, as noted by Forbes. Plus, you can contact us to learn how Bear Staffing can help you recruit qualified candidates for hard-to-fill manufacturing positions.