What's the Difference Between Warehouse Staffing Agencies and Temp Agencies?

July 16th, 2018
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Finding staff for temporary or ongoing work can be time-consuming and exhausting. Using an agency for staffing works for you, and works for them. Your staff is already pre-screened and everyone is clear on the duration.

Temp agencies were once thought of as jobs offering lower pay and unskilled labor. But, as the workplace changes, so do the employment agencies. Warehouse staffing agencies and temp agencies are still around and just as viable.

Here are a few of the services offered by each.

Warehouse Staffing Agencies

If you are wondering if there is a difference between warehouse staffing agencies and temp agencies, the answer is yes. The answer is right in the name. Warehouse staffing agencies supply staff for warehouse work.

Warehouse, light industrial, and similar terms like general labor are used to describe these jobs, but the job remains the same. With the increase in online shopping, these items need to be stored, sorted, packed and shipped.

The Agencies Role

The agency supplying the staffing for your warehouse will send you exactly what you need. They take on staff continually for temporary and ongoing jobs. The agency interviews all applicants and makes sure they are up for the job.

Employees need to be physically fit, in some roles be able to read and write in your preferred language. It can be a physically taxing job, which isn't always suited for all candidates.

Some of the roles include sorters, receivers, pickers and packers, shippers, inventory and some supervisory roles, as well. When you require staff, be it for a day, a week or ongoing help, the agency finds the candidate most suited for the position.

Temp Agencies

A temp agency may actually provide warehouse staffing, but they cover a wider area. The temp agency provides people for admin and reception duties, month or year-end help with invoicing or accounting, and many different areas in tech support.

Whereas a warehouse worker needs to be able to stand, lift, drive a forklift and climb ladders, the temp agency staff are often sent to office settings.

The Agencies Role

The agency hires the staff and runs all the necessary tests, checks reference and background, make sure the employee is suited for the job. In both cases, security checks are run and many times staff need to be bonded.

In temp and warehousing agencies, they retain a portion of your wage for providing the service. They are paid by the employer and the worker is paid by the agency. Temp staff are often sent to business centers, banks, and service office centers.

Help Wanted

Temp work is a way of life for millions of people. More people work from home, work freelance or work for agencies that find the work for them. The agencies make it easier and faster for those needing staffing for long or short term positions.

If you need staff or are looking for work, the agency provides a great service for both. Please contact us here for more information.