What to Look for When Choosing Warehouse Staffing Agencies

September 24th, 2018
industrial staffing people walking in warehouse

As the online shopping marketplace continues to expand more brick and mortar retailers are closing every year. That shrinking market share means substantial growth for the warehouse and storage market.

Experts predict that the warehousing and storage market will grow at 6% a year between now and 2022. There is a substantial opportunity for business owners in the warehouse space.

To capitalize on that opportunity, you need the best talent. Without access to the best warehouse staffing agencies, you might watch your business falter when you need to service your business and clients.

Make sure you have access to the right warehouse personnel by using this guide for choosing the best agency.

1. How Fast Can They Deliver?

Any staffing firm can make big promises about their ability to deliver quality labor. What does their track record say for their performance?

You need a company that can specialize in warehouse personnel. Make sure you find out if they have the ability to fill actual warehouse positions with experienced workers.

2. Temporary or Permanent

Business owners know that warehousing can go through dramatic fluctuations. You may want access both temporary or permanent employees to fill your needs.

Also, you need a thorough understanding of their fees and process for turning a temporary employee permanent. Make sure you get an idea of the costs upfront or you may face higher charges down the road.

3. Screening Process

Before a staffing agency provides employees to your facility, you need a thorough understanding of their screening process.

Make sure they offer everything, from drug screening to skills assessments, as a part of the screening process.

4. Process for Replacing Employees

For high-volume and high-turnover employees, it can be a hassle to find the right fit. Businesses cannot afford to settle for personnel who aren't performing.

The right employee can help fulfill customer orders and drive client satisfaction. The wrong employee can destroy goods, damage morale, and be a liability on the warehouse floor.

Get a thorough understanding of the agency's process for replacing employees who don't work out.

5. Clear Understanding of Costs

Not every staffing agency charges in the same fees. There are various approaches to management employees and staff and the duration an employee has to stay on staff.

Time is money. Every moment you don't have access to the right staff means a lag in your business, but you can't afford to start placing employees without full knowledge of the fee structure and timing of payments.

Use The Best In Warehouse Staffing Agencies

Knowing the importance of quality personnel isn't enough. You need access to warehouse staffing agencies that can deliver fast and effective talent.

Warehouse staffing requires an understanding of the unique skills and the types of positions a warehouse is most in need of.

Bear Staffing can help. Clients love our services because we fill their open positions quickly with great talent.

Warehouse positions are traditionally high-volume and high-turnover positions. That doesn't mean you shouldn't have high expectations.

Contact Bear Staffing today to find out more about how we can help your business thrive.