What You Need to Know About Using Temporary Staffing in Your Business

June 19th, 2018
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Let's say you need to hire a new employee for your business. How much do you expect to pay? 

If you immediately thought of the salary you're offering for that worker, you're only partially correct. In fact, the total cost of bringing a new employee on board -- searching, interviewing, vetting, and training -- can run you a whopping $4,000. And that's not including salary or benefits.

Using temporary staffing is a great way to save money, acquire qualified workers, and (perhaps most important of all) spare yourself the hassle and headaches involved with hiring. Let's take a look at the benefits of using a staffing agency.

What Type of Employee Do You Need?

Maybe you need a permanent employee to join your team because the company is growing. Or your business is seasonal, so it's necessary to bring on some extra hands during the busiest time of year. You could also need someone for just a day or a week, to fill in for a vacationing or ill employee.

Using a staffing agency makes it much easier to find qualified candidates who are available for exactly the amount of time necessary. The agency's pool of candidates is ready and willing to work right now, next week, or for the foreseeable future.

Using Temporary Staffing to Fill Skilled Jobs

It can be incredibly difficult to find a candidate who is not only available for the time you need them, but who is also qualified to perform the job in question and who lives in your local area.

Think of it like a Venn diagram -- and think of the intersection on the middle of that diagram as the pool of candidates who become available when you use a staffing agency.

Whether you need clerical or administrative staff, laborers skilled and experienced in manufacturing jobs, or information technology specialists, using temporary staffing is an easy way to get the people you want with the skill sets you need.

Focus On Your Core Business Tasks

Many small- and medium-sized businesses don't have dedicated HR departments. The task of advertising open positions and then evaluating all applicants falls to the business owner -- who generally has many other pressing tasks on her plate.

In addition to the financial cost associated with human resources management, this task will cost you your most valuable commodity -- time. Do you really want to spend your time reviewing resumes, interviewing candidates, calling references, and conducting background searches? We didn't think so.

Let professional recruiters take care of these time-consuming tasks. That way, you can focus on doing what you do best: running your company.

Need Temp Employees? Let Us Help!

Bear Staffing has an amazing pool of qualified temporary employees who can't wait to join your team -- for one day, a week, or several months. Using temporary staffing is as simple as telling us what type of worker you need and for how long. We'll handle everything else!

Contact us today to learn more about employing temporary staff, or to get the help you need filling an open position with your company.