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Sherri Johnson

Co-Founder, President and CEO

Gary Johnson

Co-Founder, Executive Vice President, COO


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Social Dynamics are Changing Hiring Practices

As the pandemic begins to recede because people are getting vaccinated (nearly 57% of U.S. adults were fully vaccinated as of mid-July), the effects of lockdowns induced by COVID-19 remain. Those aftershocks present numerous challenges to employers who are looking to expand their workforces through high-volume hiring. The social dynamics — individual actions and group-level…

Five Tips to Overcome Your Contact Center Staffing Challenges

A steady stream of challenges confronts leadership teams at contact centers.  Fortunately, these obstacles can be toppled, especially if you follow the five tips suggested below:  Agents Should Only Speak to the Appropriate Customers  Ensure that all calls are routed to relevant staff. This approach is specifically vital if you have a smaller number of…

Revising Retention Strategies for the New Normal 

In the “new normal,” employees are asking themselves more than ever if their employer aligns with their values, lifestyle, and needs.  When the answer is “no,” to that question, millions of talents are upping and leaving, according to Forbes.  Turnover is undoubtedly part of your business, but that doesn’t mean you should encourage it. There…

It’s Not Them, It’s You: Addressing High Turnover In Your Organization

Excessive turnover can significantly impact companies that rely on high volume staffing to run their operations. Workforce gaps can have a direct effect on productivity levels, revenue streams, and profitability. Additionally, a high quit rate can burden existing employees, causing increased levels of stress and burnout that may eventually lead to (you guessed it) —…

Recruiting for Success: Go Inverted

Why are recruiters so focused on finding jobs that fit job-seekers? It should be the other way around. Recruiters should be finding the right people who fit the job. An Inverted Recruiting Model could be the secret to how recruiters can better serve their employers and job seekers. When Bear Staffing developed the Inverted Recruiting Model, it…

Temp-To-Hire: Your Company’s Strategy to Building a Strong Permanent Workforce

Temp hires are often a necessity for many types of companies. However, unless it’s absolutely necessary (e.g., the need for larger seasonally-based rosters), most businesses would prefer to avoid the turnover and inconsistency. A permanent workforce brings many benefits to employers. Namely, you don’t need to waste valuable resources constantly training new people. But high-volume staffing presents a…

Four Benefits of Hiring High-Volume Staffing Experts

High volume staffing can be a tricky tightrope to walk. You need to move fast to fill gaps in your workplace, but you can’t sacrifice quality. Every hire must be the kind of person that fits your vision and helps bolster your business. Bringing on such a significant number of reliable talent with a steadfast work…

Four Tips to Fight Back Against Employee Turnover

High volume employers will always have areas of their business where employee retention is a must. You want to maximize the time you have people on board. That can’t happen when talent is chomping at the bit, ready to leave when you need them most. No matter your business, you need top-notch people to stick around….

4 Strategies to Improve Your High Volume Hiring

High volume recruitment has always been a trying task, even for the most seasoned of organizations and internal hiring departments. But those that have proven, data-backed high volume practices, whether it’s for seasonal needs, staffing a new location, or fighting back against an influx of turnover, enjoy a distinct competitive advantage. Below, we’ll cover some of…

Your Recruitment Process is Too Slow, You Need to Act Fast!

[Why Doing These 5 Things is Important for Quickly Meeting Your Staffing Needs] We live in an “instant gratification” world. Anything you could possibly want to buy – including a car or a house — is available online, and anything you might want to eat can be delivered from your favorite restaurant or grocery store…


See what out clients have been saying about us

David Brown, WILLSCOT Williston

Ashleigh Christopherson has been wonderful and very attentive with our needs in Williston, ND where the quality and quantity of candidates can be trying.

David Brown

, WILLSCOT Williston

Michael Caracciolo, WILLSCOT Orlando

Stephany has provided world class customer service from my first phone call to today.

Michael Caracciolo

, WILLSCOT Orlando

Marvin Gilbert, WILLSCOT Hartford

My Bear Staffing Representative Jenn Deberry is the best.

Marvin Gilbert

, WILLSCOT Hartford

Randall Harlan, The Panther Group

Over the many years of working with Bear Staffing I can always depend on engaged company representatives who are committed to recruiting the talent needed to meet customers requirements.

Randall Harlan

, The Panther Group

Adam Nowaczynski, Johnson Controls

Adam Nowaczynski

, Johnson Controls

Scott Canavan, WILLSCOT Fort Myers

Professional staff that meets my requirements. Easy to work with. Timely follow ups.

Scott Canavan

, WILLSCOT Fort Myers

William McBride, Sullivan Steel Services, Inc.

Branch Manager has been nothing short of excellent in his professionalism, knowledge, and responsiveness in servicing my hiring needs. I’ll continue to reach out to him for support in the future.

William McBride

, Sullivan Steel Services, Inc.

Susan Baz, Equity Lifestyle Properties

Great experience with Veronica at Bear Staffing. She is great to recruiter.

Susan Baz

, Equity Lifestyle Properties

Kyle Obenauer WILLSCOT Indianapolis

Ashleigh is doing great!

Kyle Obenauer

, WILLSCOT Indianapolis

Kathy Thompson, SUEDPACK

I’ve gotten solid, qualified candidates from Bear. Not always multiple candidates, but always solid and qualified candidates.

Kathy Thompson