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A profitable company is like a high-performance automobile. It needs all four wheels in perfect alignment, gears oiled and parts in working order, to deliver optimal efficacy. Likewise, an organization should have all the pivotal positions and teams set in place to provide optimal productivity. Bear Staffing Services provides our clients with impeccable staffing solutions in Dallas, Texas. We have a tenured recruitment team that concentrates on your account, across all locations, curating the best talent pool for your needs.

We have provided impeccable service to our clients and have received multiple awards through 17 years of our recruitment journey, including the Best of Staffing award for Client Satisfaction, the Best of Staffing award for Talent Satisfaction, and the Best of Staffing award for Employee Satisfaction in 2021. We are six-time honorees of the Inc. 500 Honor Roll. Bear Staffing is also a woman-owned, female-oriented enterprise with WBENC and facility clearance.


Staffing Service Specialists in Dallas

Does your company need front-line personnel for your team? Don’t have the time to search and screen candidates? Bear Staffing is one platform that can fulfill all your staffing requirements. Our team of staffing experts in Dallas and the DFW area can relieve you of your workload by solving your hiring challenges. Our staffing professionals know that finding the right employees starts with understanding your company and growth goals. We make it a priority to learn your business, challenges, needs, and hiring requirements so that we can source the talent best fit for your company’s needs.

With over 35 years of combined experience, we have hired for industry giants such as Walmart, Under Armour, Pepsico, Harley Davidson Motor Company, Honeywell, and Caterpillar. We strive to provide exceptional staffing solutions to high-profit organizations with massive staffing demands across the DFW metroplex. We are confident that our pre-screened selection of employees with fine-tuned skill sets will be a pivotal asset to your team. We are not just a temporary staffing firm. Our services are much deeper than that. We are fundamentally a recruiting firm and we make it a point to maintain contact with the personnel we hire, so they stay with you until the end of their employment.

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Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) and Payroll Services

We cater to companies that demand we operate as an extension of their talent acquisition team. We hire efficient staff for requisite roles as their employment staffing agency in Dallas. We also execute payroll services, actively handling the administrative and compliance functions of employee payouts.

AI-based Recruitment Tools

We engage in a technology-based recruitment process to hire employees. Our avant-garde approach lets us scan through resumes swiftly, saving you time and money. Minimizing resume screening, triggering assessments, scheduling interviews, and quickly eliminating unfit candidates.

Experience and Knowledge

Our recruiters and hiring team have decades of experience combined and are trained in high-volume and high-turnover staffing. Their candidate assessment is targeted and efficient. The candidates would be screened for specific skill sets and provided training, if required, before their enrolment into your company.

Inverted Recruiting Model

Our inverted recruitment model is different from other agencies. Rather than spending time screening massive amounts of candidates, Bear Staffing takes an exclusive approach to attracting and screening the recruits.

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The Dallas Market

In 2017, Dallas was the fastest-growing city in the U.S. and also had the second-highest rate of job growth just after Atlanta. This trend continues, especially in certain industries such as manufacturing, technology, and distribution. At Bear Staffing, we immerse ourselves in the job market, growth opportunities, and culture.

Hire a Temporary Job Agency in Dallas for Efficient Recruitment

We take pride in being a Dallas staffing agency that pairs successful companies with the right talent. Our technology-based hiring process will result in some key additions to your team.

Recruiting Experts Based in Dallas and the Ft. Worth Area

We are not an ordinary temp agency located in Dallas. We have been helping organizations fill vacancies in high-volume and high-turnover industries by finding the brightest personnel, smart screening, automating the hiring process, easy onboarding, and fast integration into the company. At Bear Staffing, we combine the power of cutting-edge technology with our expertise to put together a considerate hiring experience.

Recruiting Through a Staffing Agency Saves Money

Bear Staffing is an active member of the American Staffing Association and Staffing Industry Analysts, and we own a powerful niche in the recruitment market. We hire for positions within companies that traditionally experience the highest turnover rates and have large-scale personnel needs. We hire quickly, effectively, and efficiently. We help save funds on recruiting costs, interviews, training, and onboarding. We also take the load off your hands by handling medical insurance, taxes, and attached benefits so that you can focus on fundamental business expansion.


Our Unique Approach to High-volume Staffing Solutions

We utilize enterprise-level technology to build an applicant database and use it to fulfill client requests quickly. Bear Staffing deploys extensive screening procedures as per guidelines from the client. We perform staffing in bulk within a short period by applying our Inverted Recruiting Model for hiring without compromising candidate expertise. We shortlist applicants through AI-driven tools and contact the ideal candidates to minimize waste of time, effort, and resources. We follow standard procedures to assess compatibility and develop an ideal match. We function as an extension of your HR and recruitment team to provide you with the most satisfactory poo of talent in the market to fill high-volume positions on a temporary, seasonal, direct hire, or temp-to-hire basis.

Industries We Serve

At our core, we are a recruiting company that specializes in two fundamental parameters. First, as a staffing company in Metroplex, we effectuate industry-specific recruitments for organizations that exhibit repetitive hiring needs. Our second unique selling point is high-volume staffing expertise. We tend to concentrate our recruiting talent and efforts to bring in the best results for our targeted industries. Once the onboarding process is complete, we support the candidates through to the end of their conversion period by extending constant communication and assistance to them.


Call Center

Hire cost-effective, swift, and coherent call center staffing personnel in Dallas. Trust Bear Staffing to find you the top talent, skill sets, and job aptitude for customer support, inbound customer service, and inside sales positions.


Warehouse or Distribution

Our diligent hands-on approach to high-volume staffing needs allows us to provide the top candidates for warehousing, distribution centers, third-party logistics fulfillment centers, or other logistics operations. We are adept at talent acquisition irrespective of the volume or tenure of the client's staffing requirement, thereby improving your distribution supply chain.



We have over 17 years of experience as a manufacturing staffing agency in hiring talented job seekers in the industrial and manufacturing sectors. We help companies solve labor problems, save revenue, and increase overall production by hiring the right personnel across industry segments ranging from assemblers, machine operators, welders, and process engineers.


Information Technology

As a staffing agency in this sector, we work closely with clients from the IT industry to find top IT talent for different vertical tiers. We offer exclusive IT recruitment services to Dallas. We specialize in the areas of IT that experience the highest turnover rates. Look to us to fill openings for Technicians, Support Desk, and Network positions.

Staffing Services in Dallas - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why do companies use staffing services in DFW?
Staffing agencies have expertise in servicing specific industries with specific services, even on a project-to-project basis. They have access to channels and audiences that companies generally do not have. They are not hindered by location or job type, and the workers they hire would, in most cases, be hands-on for the required task.

Is it wise to hire a staffing agency for my business?
Staffing agencies are the best choice when it comes to increasing the capacity of your hiring procedures and top-talent pool. . It gives you time and flexibility to work on your core business structure. The process also saves you time procuring candidates, screening, hiring, onboarding, and training.

Describe the pros and cons of outsourced staffing?
Outsourcing your staffing requirements to a job agency has many benefits. Some of them are lower business liability, reduced hire time, a vast talent pool, cost savings, flexibility, and market knowledge. Cultural conflicts, slower team bonding, and losing part of control over the hiring process could be seen as negatives.

Why should we hire Bear Staffing for our recruitment needs?
Most companies are facing unprecedented staffing crises these days. Vacant positions go unfilled due to low applicant volume or a shortage of skilled individuals. Employers are desperate to fill the roles and keep the firm functioning smoothly. Employing us would improve and expedite your recruitment process and make it hassle-free.

Explain the Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) that you provide?
RPO is a solution that involves transferring all or part of your staffing requirements to us. RPO converts our seasoned hiring team into an extension of your resourcing or HR staff. We help provide a holistic recruitment solution by partnering together and understanding your staffing needs.

Do you provide manufacturing and distribution staffing services?
Yes. Our dedicated team of recruiting professionals can act as an extension of your HR team. We help companies hire in high volume for the manufacturing, logistics, warehouse, and distribution industries offering flexible hiring options for temporary positions.

How do you employ technology for hiring purposes?
Technology is used in various facets of our recruitment process. Job vacancies are analyzed and optimized by Artificial Intelligence which then looks for candidates in the appropriate place. Forms and contracts are completed online, the applicant database is stored on the cloud, and interviews are conducted via PC or smartphone. AI-based tools are used for precision screening job applications.

What call center positions do you generally help to fill?
Customer relations being an integral part of any company, we take great care to factor in parameters like call volume, frequency, and average timing while screening call center recruits. We typically staff desktop support, inbound customer service, inside sales positions, supervisors, managers, and the like for the call center industry.

What is meant by the concept of staffing levels?
Staffing levels denote the number of people working at any one time, at one firm. If your staffing levels are too high, costly inefficiency will hinder your business. If it is too low, you will be struggling to keep your business afloat. A staffing agency can put an end to your staffing problems.

What makes Dallas a great location to live and work?
Dallas is the third-largest city in Texas and is known for its culture and ethnicity. It is home to nine Fortune 500 companies under the city limits and over 41 universities and colleges. The city is known for its financial services, information technology, telecommunication, and transportation industries, making finding a job easy for you.

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