There’s a better way to build your team

An evolved recruiting approach to talent acquisition

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Bear's Inverted Recruiting Model

Rather than spending time screening massive amounts of candidates we should never place, Bear Staffing takes an exclusive approach to attracting and screen. Components of this approach include:

Bear Inverted Recruiting Model

Technology-Driven Speed to Fill



Bear Staffing’s centralized recruiting team utilizes multiple technologies to broadcast job postings across hundreds of recruiting sources, collecting and immediately engaging new applicants through AI communication tools.



Unlike most staffing firms, our onboarding process is 100% paperless, increasing speed and accuracy, and reducing administrative tasks that would otherwise take focus away from the recruiting team.



Artificial Intelligence technology immediately filters applicants on experience, availability, and job match, enabling our recruiting team to focus on the best candidates quickly, efficiently, and in high volume.


Assignment Management

Our communication technology is focused on enhancing the employee experience and encouraging employee feedback. Greater communication results in reduced call-offs, no shows, behavioral issues, and ultimately turnover.

There’s a better way to build your team

An evolved recruiting approach to talent acquisition

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