We Turned Recruiting Upside-Down

Too many firms — especially those who specialize in light industrial staffing — hire everyone and hope for the best. At Bear Staffing Services, we turn that approach on its head with our highly selective job recruiting process:

No walk-ins

Just walking into a staffing agency to apply is a low-commitment approach. By not accepting walk-in candidates, Bear Staffing Services prevents window shoppers or uncommitted candidates from even making it through our doors.

Online-only application

All candidates must fill out an extensive online application. If they fail to complete it, the process stops.

Resumes are required

Being able to present a resume indicates a level of professionalism that we encourage from each candidate. Workers who are committed to taking the steps required to find the right job are likely to bring that level of commitment and professionalism to the clients.

Workplace Productivity Profile

All candidates must complete the profile which is used to assess them as conscientious, productive and reliable employees.

Test the quality of our candidates for yourself.

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