Four Tips to Improve Your High-Volume Recruiting Strategy in 2021

By its very nature, high volume staffing presents a list of frustrations and challenges. As a recruiter or hiring manager, you need to fill various roles with an overwhelming number of hardworking,…

By its very nature, high volume staffing presents a list of frustrations and challenges. As a recruiter or hiring manager, you need to fill various roles with an overwhelming number of hardworking, talented people. And you must regularly do so at a moment’s notice.

With 82 million hourly employees currently making up the US workforce, there’s the misconception that employers shouldn’t struggle. After all, it sounds like an embarrassment of riches.

Conversely, not everybody has the skillset to perform the abundance of tasks required at your company. Sure, they might work somewhere else and perform admirably. Yet, every workplace thrives when choosing hires based on its unique characteristics. You need talent that gels with your specific culture, vision, and mission—no matter the volume.

By following the four tips below, you’ll hire talent at both high volumes and even higher quality:

1. The Technology Exists Already—So, Start Using It

Here’s one way to look at this tip:

Provided you’re not using the available technologies that fine-tune high-volume hiring, you should know that other businesses are. Some of them might even be your competitors. Meaning, industry rivals are attracting the most efficient and productive talent and leaving you with what remains.

High volume staffing software incorporates candidate management platforms that track each hiring stage. This technology also automates multiple components of the selection process while helping create short-lists of the top applicants.

It goes even deeper—some technologies perform pre-employment assessments or use a job-matching mechanism. Start using these kinds of tools now, and you’ll find yourself interviewing the cream of the crop.

2. Be “Candidate Forward” With Your Thinking

This suggestion has a lot to do with engagement. But it’s also about changing your perspective on how you view candidates. The era where people should “just be happy to have a job” has changed. Such a viewpoint is seen as toxic. And the best talent picks up on these employer attitudes, driving them to seek work elsewhere.

You need to treat top talent like customers to whom you’re selling your products. As such, you must leverage technology to engage candidates and nurture relationships, similar to a sales funnel.
Remember, someone might not be the ideal candidate at the moment but might prove invaluable down the line. Engaging and nurturing talent like leads will help ensure a diamond in the rough doesn’t slip through your fingertips.

3. Don’t Fill a Role “For the Sake of It.” Quality ALWAYS Matters

When hiring high volumes of talent, adhering to a quality-first approach is much easier said than done.
Of course, turnover rates are going to be more than other types of businesses. However, that doesn’t mean you should lean into that trend. Every hire is meaningful and should possess viable skills, such as:

  • Active learning
  • Communication
  • Leadership

These are transferable traits that will serve your business well. The hard skills of the job can be absorbed on the go by talented me. Whereas the above abilities are intangible qualities that you can’t teach. Ensuring that your high-volume recruitment strategy prioritizes candidates with these sterling attributes will ensure you’re bringing on the most talented people possible.

4. Hire a Staffing Expert that Specializes in High Volume Recruitment

You probably have a keen eye for talent and an instinct for sussing out top-notch candidates. Regardless, doing so on a high-volume basis can dull the senses of even the most intuitive hiring manager.

Working with a high-volume recruitment expert – such as Bear Staffing – provides another knowing eye that can identify top performers. Contact us today, and gain access to our vast pool of talented candidates that will make impactful contributions to your thriving culture.

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